Steps in a design-build relationship between the Owner & Contract

(CITA Development Inc.)

The following provides an overview of the process involved in a design build process. It is important to note that in many projects variations to the preliminary contract arise due to the particular requirements of the governing agencies

(i.e. City or County Building, Planning, Roads, Public Works, Health, Fire, Utilities). 


Step OneParameters of the Project

Establish the parameters of the project with the Owner and then develop a 16-division cost breakdown. CITA will try to be as complete with this estimate as possible, however, the costs will inevitably change due to impact from the governing agencies, owner changes, and/or changes made due to market change.

Step Two: Owner Approval

Owner awards the Contractor the approvals to go ahead with the job. Since this is a phased process, the Owner is only obligated to initially spend the monies in the 1st phase. However, when the final hard prices are established (after permitting), then the Owner is obligated to continue the build-out with CITA.

Step Three: Design and Permitting

Proceed with the design and permitting by completing all necessary plans and engineering to acquire all permits necessary to build.

Step Four: Final Budget.

After acquiring the permits, CITA will provider Owner with the final, "Not to Exceed" budget.

Step Five: Build-Out 

CITA will provide the Owner with a time commitment and CPM schedule for the entire project.

Step Six: Completion

CITA will provider Owner with all required final inspections and clearances.

The Six Steps 

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